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The path to the next generation of financial instruments


DEUS v2 - Apollo (Completed)

Apollo will be the blast off for DEUS Finance Evolution, the next iteration of our powerful decentralized FinTech engine.

  • DEI - Cross-chain stablecoin with unified native bridge 
  • DEI/Stablecoin - Farm on several chains: High APY stable farm without impermanent loss
  • Convergence of DEUS Tokens

DEUS v3 - Athena

The Athena release will include advanced mechanisms to improve the system's capital efficiency even further.

  • Automated counter-trading 
  • Auto-rebalancing, optimizing APY
  • Liquidation system / keeper bots

DEUS v4 - Vulcan

Vulcan will implement a targeted incentive system, allowing all project partners and third parties to integrate a reward sharing program to boost their marketing initiatives.

  • Referral system, ready to be customized
  • Pay-out system: Users earn automated rewards from referrals


DEUS Gen2 - Evolution

The advanced system design of Gen2 will enable our partners to create the intricate leverage trading mechanisms that many traders seek.

  • Crypto leverage trading
  • Stock leverage trading
  • Position leverage trading
  • Position Management: Stop/Limit orders
  • 3rd-party Contractors platforms