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A unique governance structure built to revolutionize community proposals 

The process of governance decisions is as follows:

#1 A snapshot is created

Via Snapshot, a member of the community or core team can create proposals related to protocol changes or any other proposed enterprise.

#2 veDEUS holders vote

veDEUS holders vote on proposals. Voting power is proportional to a user's veDEUS holdings.

#3 Proposal conclusion

Once the voting period has concluded, action is taken depending on the results.

Introducing the veDEUS governance token

veDEUS is the governance token of the DEUS Finance DAO. Holders are able to create and vote on protocol changes and decisions. Such as:

Protocol changes

Whitelisting 3rd party exchange/broker tokens on DeFIX

Adding derivatives to DeFIX

Emissions to $DEI lending pools

Lending caps for $DEI lending pools

Protocols joining the DEUS council

Live snapshot votes

Snapshot is a decentralized voting system that is integrated with the veDEUS NFT.

DIP-8: Prevent DEUS Hyperinflation and Introduce vDEUS Staking at 10/20% APR

In this revised proposal we suggest to modify the vDEUS redemption mechanism in order to prevent an impeding DEUS hyperinflation. All ecosystem participants will benefit from this proposal in the long run and get their originally promised returns.


Snapshot is a decentralized voting system that is integrated with the veDEUS NFT.

Should we focus our development on v3?

After much back and forth over the last few weeks with a lot of different people, I came to the conclusion that we should put this up for vote.

DIP-5 - Starting an Olympus Pro BOND program

Olympus Pro is proposing a Partnership with DEUS Finance to pursue a bonding program, through which DEUS Finance can secure Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL).