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Use DEUS v3

DEUS does not run its own Frontend. To interact with the protocol, users may choose from the list of Frontend Operators below.

Decentralized Frontends

As a company, DEUS Labs AG is not running its own frontend — making the system more decentralized and censorship-resistant. DEUS itself doesn't offer any trading or promotes the trading of any derivatives, DEUS only provides the infrastructure for peer to peer bilateral matchmaking, that can be used by 3rd party providers to build a fully functional onchain derivatives exchange.

Frontends (Dealers and Market Makers) offer services directly via 3rd party services. In order to see their offering, make deposits, request trades etc., users thus have to use one of the frontends provided by third parties.

Which frontend do I pick?

Deciding which Frontend to use is a personal decision that may be based on various factors including UI, UX, features, tools, and the Frontend Operator's liquidity on the platform or offering of products and assets itself.

List Disclaimer

The list of Frontend Operators is provided for informational purposes only. Neither is the list conclusive, nor has DEUS Labs AG conducted any due diligence on these operators. Accordingly, DEUS Labs AG does not make any statement regarding technical functionality and/or the trustworthiness of the Frontend Operators listed below. Descriptions are provided by Frontend Operators.

Choose a DEUS Frontend

Frontend Operator


Cloverfield enables trustless, on-chain trading of the entire Binance Futures market.

Their primary Hedger is directly connected with Binance through their cutting-edge custody solution, CEFFU.

Experience unparalleled on-chain trading of crypto derivatives with deep liquidity.


dSynths is the first 3rd party frontend provider, specializing in the integration of traditional finance (TradFi) assets. Their primary Hedger is seamlessly connected with a reputable traditional Broker, offering an extensive range of stocks, commodities, and forex trading opportunities with up to 200x leverage.