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Get all the data and security you need to build your own synthetics platform quickly and easily.

The advantages
of using our SDK

DEUS leverages Muon’s oracle technology, a decentralized network that employs threshold signatures. Muon’s subsequential consensus mechanism enables fast, secure, and insured data feeds.

As a developer, building with DEUS and Muon is streamlined (the communication is done via REST API), before bundling the response into a smart contract call.

Using the SDK, the flow for Synthetics would be as follows:


GetConducted(): a list of available assets (long + short contracts) per chain


GetPrices(): a list of current prices (keyPaired with contracts)


GetSignatures(): signatures for a specific contract + price


PreparePayload(signatures, other info): returns the smart contract payload


And that's it! You can now call the Synchronizer contract with the right payload

An example, React app has been made available for demonstration purposes here: