Unlimited Access
to Global Markets

DEUS Finance Evolution is a marketplace of decentralized financial services. We provide the infrastructure for others to build financial instruments, such as synthetic stock trading platforms, options and futures trading, and more.

DEUS supports multiple chains:


Our latest new releases & updates


Markets & Traders

Asset trading, prediction markets, leverage trading & other financial instruments for end users.

3rd Party Platforms
& Providers

Exchanges, DeFi protocols, and other financial service providers (e.g. dsynths.com) can build their services securely on-top of the DEUS infrastructure.

DEUS Finance Contracts

Secure & oracle-verified
Acts like a decentralized clearinghouse

Stablefarms & The DEUS / DEI Pool

DEI/stablecoin (changes depending on the chain) = 50% APY
DEUS/DEI = 100% APY (2x multiplier of stable pools)

DEUS Tokens

The DEUS ecosystem consists of two tokens: DEUS and DEI
DEI is a cross-chain fractional reserve stablecoin, with one unified bridge to all chains.
DEUS is the protocol token which is used to mint DEI tokens via burning DEUS.
DEUS is also the governance token of the DEUS DAO. All major protocol decisions, such as tokenomics, token names and logo changes, partnerships, etc, are voted on by the community.
Every 3rd party financial instrument that builds on top of DEUS Finance's infrastructure uses DEI as collateral.


Protocol Token
  • Governance for DEUS DAO
  • Represents the fractional portion of DEI
  • Tokens are minted for yield farm rewards
  • Buying DEI burns DEUS


Fractional Reserve Stablecoin
  • Majority-backed by a trusted stablecoin
  • Cross-chain with one native, unified bridge
  • Enables cross-chain liquidity
  • Used as collateral mechanism for 3rd-party instruments built on DEUS Finance


The path to the next generation of financial instruments


DEUS v2 - Apollo (Completed)

Apollo will be the blast off for DEUS Finance Evolution, the next iteration of our powerful decentralized FinTech engine.

  • DEI - Cross-chain stablecoin with unified native bridge 
  • DEI/Stablecoin - Farm on several chains: High APY stable farm without impermanent loss
  • Convergence of DEUS Tokens

DEUS v3 - Athena

The Athena release will include advanced mechanisms to improve the system's capital efficiency even further.

  • Automated counter-trading 
  • Auto-rebalancing, optimizing APY
  • Liquidation system / keeper bots

DEUS v4 - Vulcan

Vulcan will implement a targeted incentive system, allowing all project partners and third parties to integrate a reward sharing program to boost their marketing initiatives.

  • Referral system, ready to be customized
  • Pay-out system: Users earn automated rewards from referrals
  • leverage trading


DEUS Gen2 - Evolution

The advanced system design of Gen2 will enable our partners to create the intricate leverage trading mechanisms that many traders seek.

  • Position Management: Stop/Limit orders
  • 3rd-party Exchange Broker platforms