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Fractional reserve banking

For the decentralized economy

Circulating Supply
Circulating Supply
Market Cap
Market Cap


The path to the next generation
of financial instruments



Apollo is the blast off for DEUS Finance Evolution, the next iteration of our powerful decentralized FinTech engine.

  • DEI - Cross-chain stablecoin with unified native bridge
  • DEI/Stablecoin - Farm on several chains: High APY stable farm without impermanent loss
  • Convergence of DEUS Tokens



The Athena release will include advanced mechanisms to improve the system's capital efficiency even further.

  • Automated counter-trading
  • Auto-rebalancing, optimizing APY
  • Liquidation system / keeper bots



Vulcan will implement a targeted incentive system, allowing all project partners and third parties to integrate a reward sharing program to boost their marketing initiatives.

  • Referral system, ready to be customized
  • Pay-out system: Users earn automated rewards from referrals
  • Leverage trading



The advanced system design of Gen2 will enable our partners to create the intricate leverage trading mechanisms that many traders seek.

  • Position Management: Stop/Limit orders
  • 3rd-party Exchange Broker platforms

DEUS Tokens

The DEUS tokenomics

The DEUS ecosystem consists of two tokens: DEUS and DEI.

Currently, $DEUS's utility is embedded in the $DEI stablecoin, and as a means of governance through vesting. Minting $DEI will burn $DEUS and redeeming $DEI will mint $DEUS. This system creates a deflationary force for the $DEUS token, as the demand for $DEI scales.


Protocol token
  • Represents the fractional portion of $DEI
  • Vest DEUS to earn protocol fees
  • Minting $DEI burns $DEUS
DEUS Token


Fractional-reserve stablecoin
  • Collateral for 3rd-party instruments built on DEUS DeFIX
  • Denominated collateral for DEI Money markets
  • Cross-chain with one native, unified bridge
  • Fractional-reserve with $USDC & $DEUS denominated backing
Mint on:
DEI Token

Ecosystem Layers

The building blocks of the DEUS system

Markets & Traders


Asset trading, prediction markets, leverage trading & other financial instruments for End-Users.

3rd Party Platforms & Providers


Exchanges, DeFi protocols, and other financial service providers (e.g. can build their services securely on-top of the DEUS infrastructure.

DEUS Finance Contracts


Secure, oracle-verified, audited, base layer infrastructure, and SDK ready.

Smart contract blockchains & Muon


The DEUS ecosystem is powered by Muon and major EVM blockchains, while enabling seamless interoperability between blockchains.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions for our community

What is the Decentralized FIX?

Decentralized FIX “Decentralized Financial Information eXchange protocol” is the standard for creating and issuing Master Agreements on the DEUS Finance layer. Third-party exchanges, market makers, and traders leverage Master Agreements to interact with each other via a permissionless, modular, peer-to-peer, OTC derivatives market. The Decentralized FIX leverages the ERC20 token standard, which enables users to create smart property or tokenized assets and offer them to the free and permissionless market.

What is the utility of $DEUS?

$DEUS commodifies utility via backing a fractional part of the native settlement stablecoin $DEI of DEUS’s Decentralized FIX. Via third-party front-ends, users must use $DEI (either directly or indirectly via a third-party proxy) as the base layer unit of account to lock collateral in Master Agreements and trade derivatives on the DEUS finance layer. When $DEI is minted, $DEUS is burned, as the adoption of $DEI scales in parallel with the Decentralized FIX, deflationary forces will be put towards $DEUS.

What is veDEUS?

veDEUS is our vested token mechanism, where users can lock their DEUS tokens in exchange for veDEUS, gaining exposure to platform fees and protection against dilution. The locking period is anywhere from 1 day up to 4 years. The longer the lock period, the higher the APY is. veDEUS is also the governance token of the DEUS Finance protocol.